This site was created for gamers that never got a chance to play the video games they always wanted to play as children and to re-live the past with roms and emulators. It is also for younger gamers that want to experience what past generation gamers played when they were young. I have 8 different platforms to choose from and they are Arcade, Atari 2600, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy Advance.

Now it is all available through roms and emulators. A rom is a file that is compatible with an emulator which will allow you to play the game. You can find every rom ever made for 8 different consoles on http://progameroms.com/. I also try and keep all of the best emulators to ensure all or most of the rom files will work. Most roms are tested and will work if installed correctly.

The emulators are pretty straight forward and easy to use as are the roms. I posted a few tutorials on how to install roms and emulators on the PC which will help you if you are having trouble getting the games to work here...http://progameroms.com/tutorials.html . If you have any more problems or notice a broken rom you can contact me several ways. you can send me a message here...http://progameroms.com/contact/index.php, or you can sign into the forums here... http://progameroms.com/forum/. I also check my youtube comments often so you can also leave comments there for further help... http://www.youtube.com/user/fothizz?...e=results_main

Why choose http://progameroms.com/ ???

It's free and easy to use. No costs, wait times, or obligations, besides the obligation to have fun playing free roms on your computer . You will find that this rom and emulator site has a great layout and gives you a nostalgic feeling you can't get anywhere else with awesome visual design and ease of use. Other sites exploit you with wait times on rom and emulator downloads which wastes valuable gaming time. They also have plain design and seem to have no creativity. Only thing they specialize in is how to exploit you which I do not care for. If you need a Rom or Emulator choose progameroms.com.

When visiting other rom sites, I noticed that their rom selection lists are jumbled and aren't optimized. They have huge rom lists with several duplicate rom,s of the same game, that just get annoying when trying to locate a particular rom file. When I created the rom lists on this site, I made it a priority to only include one rom of each game so you dont have to scroll through a giant rom list just to find one rom download. Same with the emulators, I only put the best working emulators on my site to ensure that most roms will function.

I will begin working on more gameplay videos so you can get a taste of the game before actually having to download it to try it out for yourself. There are a few up at the moment but I have been busy on other projects so I will be putting more rom reviews up in the future when I have time. I have to say that the few I have up are pretty good so check them out if you get a chance,,, http://www.youtube.com/user/fothizz?...e=results_main.


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Happy Gaming !

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