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Pachinko CR Mouretsu Genshijin T
Pachinko Hisshou Guide - Data no Ousama
Pachipachi Pachi-Slot - New Pulsar Hen
Pac-Man - Special Color Edition
Painter (Unl)
Perfect Choro Q
Perfect Dark (EnFrDeEsIt)
Phantom Zona
Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 2.2
Pitfall - Beyond the Jungle
Planet of the Apes
Player Manager 2001
Pocket Billiards - Funk the 9 Ball
Pocket Bomberman
Pocket Bowling
Pocket Color Billiards
Pocket Color Mahjong
Pocket Color Trump
Pocket Cooking
Pocket Densha 2
Pocket Family GB2
Pocket GI Stable
Pocket Hanafuda
Pocket King
Pocket Lure Boy
Pocket Music (EnFrDeEsIt)
Pocket no Naka no Oukoku (Proto)
Pocket Pro Wrestling - Perfect Wrestler
Pocket Pro Yakyuu
Pocket Puyo Puyo Sun
Pocket Puyo Puyo-n
Pocket Racing
Pocket Smash Out & Race Time (Unl)
Pocket Smash Out (Unl)
Pocket Soccer (EnFrDeEsItPt)
Pokemon - Crystal Version
Pokemon - Gold Version
Pokemon - Silver Version
Pokemon Card GB2 - GR Dan Sanjou!
Pokemon Pinball
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge
Pokemon Trading Card Game
Polaris SnoCross
Pong - The Next Level
Pooh and Tigger's Hunny Safari
Pop'n Music GB - Animation Melody
Pop'n Music GB - Disney Tunes
Pop'n Music GB
Portal Runner
Power Pro Kun Pocket 2
Power Pro Kun Pocket
Power Quest
Power Rangers - Lightspeed Rescue
Power Rangers - Time Force
Power Spike - Pro Beach Volleyball
Powerpuff Girls The - Bad Mojo Jojo
Powerpuff Girls The - Battle Him
Powerpuff Girls The - Paint the Townsville Green
Prince Naseem Boxing
Prince of Persia (EnFrDeEsIt)
Pro Darts
Pro Mahjong Kiwame GB II
Pro Mahjong Tsuwamono GB2
Pro Mahjong Tsuwamono GB
Pro Pool
Project S-11
Puchi Carat
Pumuckl's Abenteuer bei den Piraten (Germany)
Pumuckl's Abenteuer im Geisterschloss (Germany)
Puyo Puyo Gaiden - Puyo Wars
Puzzle de Shoubuyo! Wootama-chan
Puzzle Master


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