Emulator Definition: An Emulator is a software application that can accurately imitate another computer, mobile phone, device or even arcade machine and run software from that computer.

Rom Definition: A video game file that is playable on an emulator.



System Requirements

Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or above / Mac / Mobile Device OS


Warning !!!

Playing emulated games may cause your system to overheat quickly depending on your computer and its internal cooling system. Be sure to monitor the temperature of your computer constantly while playing emulated games to avoid overheating and damaging your computer. If you notice your computer getting hot, positioning an external fan near the computer, to bring in cool air through the vents, will help prevent damage.



How to Install Roms and Emulators

You will need to extract the emulators and roms, after downloading them. Most computers already have an extractor installed but if you are having trouble, download a free version of winRAR<---32 bit version. winRAR<---64 bit version for Windows or, Unrarx for Mac.

Once the emulator and rom files are extracted, you will be able to start the emulator and play the games.

Emulators for each system are different and have their own interface. After downloading the emulator and roms, extract them to access the files. To start the game, use the top drop down menu to locate the rom file. Here is a video tutorial on how to get and install the Super Nintendo Emulator and Roms. This method will work on all other emulators except the Arcade one.





How to Install the Arcade Mame Emulator

Arcade roms do not need to be extracted. The Arcade roms need to be placed in the roms folder in order to work. The roms folder can be found in the Mame emulator download. Place the unextracted rom files there. There are a few that need to be extracted, if it has the extension .rar, extract it to get the zipped rom. Some Arcade games require the neo geo bios file. <<<-----click here to download it. Move the neo geo bios file to the roms folder with the arcade roms. Arcade games may require one or more rom files/CHD's to function. Open the Mame emulator and in the file menu click audit all games. Then click Available in the folder menu on the left to view the games.




Other Info

Some roms and emulators may not work on certain operating systems either due to missing files or, compatibility. I stick to the PC mostly and most games work. The Mame emulator for Mac had some problems running games. I will get a better one on my site once I find one, so for arcade games, I would suggest playing them on a windows operating system to ensure that most games will work. If you don't have a windows computer and until I get a better version of Mame for Mac, you can try downloading different Mame emulators from other sites that may work better for certain roms.




The controller configuration settings can be found in the drop down menu on the emulator window. You should be able to find it under input or controller config.

I recommend obtaining a game pad or gaming controller to use instead of a keyboard and mouse for in game controls. PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers work well. If you are having trouble using your PS3 or Xbox 360 controller, make sure you downloaded the software for it so your computer recognizes it, (download and instructions can be found online, if games do not support your controller or it's software, search for Xpadder tutorials.)



Mobile Devices

This website does not contain emulators for mobile devices. The emulators wont work but the roms will. For the Iphone and Itouch, you will have to jailbreak it to get Cydia and find a working emulator. Once the emulator is installed, you can SSH the roms from this site to the correct file path on your Iphone or Itouch, which can be found on the download page for the emulator in Cydia. (Example file path for the GBA emulator gpsphone = var/mobile/Media/ROMs/GBA). Search Google to learn how to SSH to your iphone if you don't know how. Roms may need to be extracted before placing them into the file path on the device. For Androids, extensive tutorials can be found on Youtube.



To ask a question, report broken emulators, roms, bugs or anything else----->>>contact me.




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